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Woven Account (excerpt)
4:58 2014 USA English

Woven Account is a performative textile intervention weaving newsprint detailing hate crimes into a shroud marking sites and first person accounts of hate violence against LGBTQ2S people.

For screenings contact the Canadian Filmmaker's Distribution Centre. (Coming Soon)

Performer: Indira Allegra
Interviewees: Aisha Bhagat, Fiona Carlone, Ep Li, Joshua Merchant, Kimi Mojica, Therese Noël, Kim Shuck, Nazbah Tom, Mollie Wolf

Director: Indira Allegra
Director of Photography: Kimi Mojica
Post-Production: Indira Allegra


Black Arts Showcase. California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS). San Francisco, CA

Mangos with Chili: Blood Story, Bone Memory, Skin Legacy. San Francisco, CA